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Knee arthroscopy

Combined injuries of capsule – ligament part of knee (mostly injuries of meniscus and anterior cross ligament) occur in various physical activities, and they are often the cause of abrupt termination of successful sports career. This is important fact that incidence of injuries is higher in women because of poor muscle strength and coordination, loose joints and smaller dimension of ligaments.

Roles of the meniscus in the knee are to easy the load on impact articular surface of one another, support knee stability and distribute the knee synovial fluid in the joint. Crossed ligaments stabilize and protect joints, provide strength to them and prevent excessive movement. Surrounding tendons and muscles support their function. If crossed ligaments damaged, the other joint structures suffer greater pressure, twisting and friction, and it leads to early degenerative changes of them. The patient with this injury usually complain of pain, swelling, instability and lock of the knee. Diagnosis of these injuries is based on a good clinical examination primarily, and after that on all the other ancillary tests (X-ray, CT, NMR, Arthroscopy).

Arthroscopy introduction in the seventies made a real revolution in surgery of the knee. Equipment and instruments have constantly been improving since than, and variety of diagnostic - surgical techniques have developed. The most important of these techniques are arthroscopic repair of meniscus and partial meniscectomy and arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cross ligament with autografts. Technique is characterized by minimal cuts (one is used for visual observation of the internal structure of the knee with the camera, and the other is used as a working channel with using of special customized instruments).

Orthopedic department of IOPMR “Dr. Miroslav Zotovic“ has an experienced team of doctors. They educated in Banja Luka, Serbia, Slovenia and Germany, and they make over 150 arthroscopic intervention per year. Reconstruction of the anterior cross ligament in our Institute is exclusively done using arthroscopy and modern fixation techniques of autografts what restore knee stability and enable early weight bearing and make faster early rehabilitation and return to sports activities.

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