Dr Cvijic in Greece (09/22-29/2013)

picture As part of the annual "EFORT felowship" program, Dr. Petar Cvijic resided in three orthopedic clinics in Greece - Thessaloniki , Larissa and Athens in the period from September 22nd to 29th 2013.

Our doctors in Medjugorje (09/20-21/2013)

picture On September 20th and 21st 2013. the Symposium : “Complications of treatment in the joint and bone surgery” was held in Medjugorje, in organisation of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Clinical Center in Mostar. At this meeting active participation took our doctors : Slavko Manojlovic , Zeljko Jovicic, Bojan Miholjcic and Milan Jovanovic.

Our doctors in Germany (09/15-16/2013)

On September 15th and 16th 2013. our doctors , Petar Cvijić and Bojan Kuzmanovic , under "Perceptorship Program " sponsored by Bayer, were staying in Frankfurt, at the local Orthopedic Clinic.

Dr Djordjevic visiting the Department (08/12/2013)

August 12th 2013 - a working visit to the Institute. Dr. A.Djordjevic visited our Department and on this occasion he performed five surgeries and and a large number of consultative examinations.

Our doctors in Rijeka (07/20-08/04/2013)

As part of the residency , our doctors , Dr. Petar Cvijic and Dr. Bojan Kuzmanovic stayed at the Clinic for Traumatology Center Rijeka, on education in the field of traumatology musculoskeletal system from July 20th to August 4th 2013.

Doctors from IOSD “Banjica” visiting the Department (07/12/2013)

Within long-term cooperation that our department has with IOSD "Banjica " Belgrade, 07.12.2013 . in our Department were staying Dr A.Djordjevic , specialist orthopedic oncologist , Dr. Mamontov , specialist in general surgery and Dr Rajkovic , a resident of orthopedics. On that occasion, with joined efforts we conducted seven surgeries.

Our doctors in France (06/26-28/2013)

picture From June 26th to 28th 2013. in Annecy in France the annual Corail course of primary hip arthroplasty was held. Active participants in this event were our residents Dr B.Miholjcic and Dr. M.Jovanovic.

Dr Djordjevic visiting the Department (06/14/2013)

June 14th 2013. - a working visit to the Institute. Dr. A.Djordjevic visited our Department and on this occasion he performed three surgeries and and a large number of consultative examinations.

Dr Stanislav Palija in Zagrebu (04/23-24/2013)

ESQH Annual Workshop on the topic of Health Management (ESQH Annual Workshop Performance measurement in healthcare) was held on May 23rd, and 24th in Zagreb. Our institution represented Dr. Stanislav Palija and Dr. Natasa Tomic.

Medtronic Thoracolumbar Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia (05/23/2013)

On May 23rd 2013. a course “Medtronic Thoracolumbar Workshop” was held in Zagreb, and dr. Bojan Kuzmanovic and dr. Petar Cvijic took active participation.

Dr A. Đorđević visited our Department (05/17/2013)

On May 17th Dr. A. Djordjevic, specialist in orthopedic oncology, visited our Department within cooperation that we have with IOSD “Banjica”, Belgrade. On this occasion he performed one surgery and and a large number of consultative examinations.

AOTRS meeting, Pliva Fly Fishing Center (05/17-18/2013)

picture A regular meeting of Association of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology of Republic of Srpska was held on May 17th and 18th in Pliva Fly Fishing Center, Sipovo. e. Topic of the meeting was the prevention and treatment of bone and joint infections.
1. Keynote lecture, in memoriam - prof. Zoran Vukašinović
2. Prof. Dr. Predrag Grubor - Biofilm infections in bone and articular surgery
3. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jakovljevic - Prevention and treatment of MRSA infections
4. Prof. Dr. Nikola Gavric - Experience in the diagnosis and treatment of OAT in Doboj hospital
5. Zoran Bjelogrlic - Our experience in the treatment of brucelous spondylodiscitis
6. Mr. Sc Dr. Zeljko Jovicic - Periprosthetic infections
7. Dr. Goran Bjekovic - Osteomyelitis - our experience

Colonel Dr. Milan Lukovic visiting the Institute (05/09/2013)

picture On May 09th Colonel Dr. Milan Lukovic, head of the Office of Traumatology and Orthopedics MMA visited our department. On this occasion colonel Dr. Lukovic was introduced to the work of our department, and took active participation in several surgeries.

5th days of BHAAS in Mostar (04/25-27/2013)

picture 5th orthopedic days were held within V days of BHAAAS in Mostar, from April 25th-27th. Our department was presented with six-oral presentations, and on this occasion numerous contacts were made with colleagues orthopedic surgeons from our country and abroad.

Dr A. Djordjevic visited our Department (04/12/2013)

On April 12th and 22nd Dr. A.Djordjevic, specialist in orthopedic oncology, visited our Department within cooperation that we have with IOSD “Banjica”, Belgrade. On these occasions he performed four surgeries. As every time before, Dr. Djordjevic arrivals were used for training our doctors in orthopedic oncology.

The Osteoarthritic Knee – Best Current Practice in Europe

picture The European Knee Associates (EKA) held second open meeting titled "Best Current Practice in Europe - The Osteoarthritic Knee" in Florence. Head of uour department dr. Slavko Manojlović, and dr. Sinisa Bijeljac participated in this event. The goal of this meeting is to focus on the current concepts of care and to advance the treatment of degenerative knee pathology with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Dr A. Djordjevic visited our Department (02/08/2013)

On February 8th Dr. Aleksandar Djordjevic, a respected orthopedic surgeon-oncologist in our region, visited our Department within regular consultative cooperation which we have with IOSD Banjica, Belgrade. On that occasion he performed two surgeries and a large number of consultative examinations. As before, a visit of Dr. Djordjevic was used for educating our young doctors in the field of orthopedic oncology.

Dr Boris Poberaj visited our Department (01/21/2013)

picture Dr. Boris Poberaj, an orthopedic surgeon from Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra, Slovenia, visited our Department. Dr. Poberaj is one of the leading European and international experts in the field of endoscopic orthopedics. On this occasion Dr. Poberaj conducted three endoscopic shoulder surgeries. Dr. Poberaj’s visit, like every time so far has been used to educate our doctors as well as to inform about new trends in the field of endoscopic orthopedics.

Prof. dr M. Kosutic visited our Department (01/04/2013)

Prof. dr. M. Kosutic, orthopedic surgeon from VMA, Belgrade visited our Department on January 4th. Prof. dr. Kosutic is one of the leading experts in field of treating bone deformities by Ilizarov method. On this occasion Professor. Dr. Košutić performed one surgery.

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